Welcome to AMKO Asian Foods

Remember the neighborhood grocery store of your childhood? The place where everyone knew your name, where special orders were never a problem, and where you knew the food was fresh because you could see it being delivered every day? 


Well, welcome back to the good old days! Excelent, high quality products at low prices - our grocery store delivers that and more. Take advantage of special discounts, our permanently low prices and a large selection of fresh, delicious produce. Come on down to the store, meet our friendly staff and see our fantastic line of products for yourself.


We look forward to your visit!

Our grocery store

We are your neighborhood grocery store with irresistable products and special offers. We offer hard-to-find and gourmet items, along with some of the brands you grew up with and thought were long gone.



We specialize in a full line of high quality affordable products that will help you enjoy a delicious, healthy and balanced diet. AMKO Asian Foods provides you with the wide variety of a supermarket without the hassels of a mega-store.